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»Radioactive Contamination at Clean-Up Sites

This site provides an overview of how sites contaminated with radiation are managed in the U.S.


Over 1,000 United States locations, including both operational and abandoned sites, are contaminated with radiation. These sites range in size from small corners in laboratories to massive nuclear weapons facilities. The contamination may be found in the air, water, and soil, as well as equipment and buildings. These sites are closely monitored to prevent unnecessary exposure of the public.

From the location to the type of radiation, every clean-up site is different. The vast majority of sites pose hazards only to the people using them. Radiation levels in the air, water, and soil around these sites are closely monitored. In case of accidental spills or release of radioactive materials, clean-up response teams use modern technologies to assess the situation and take appropriate actions to limit potential hazards to people and the environment.